How to Prevent Slipper From Slipping

June 21,2022

After wearing the slippers for a long time, they will wear out, especially the soles, the wear will be more serious, so the slippers will be too slippery to take a bath, and accidents will easily occur. Today, I will share some tips with you a few slippers to prevent slipping and falling.


Do you Know how to Choose Summer Sandals?

June 08,2022

No matter what the shoes are, the most important thing is to be comfortable and durable. How to judge whether a pair of sandals is good to wear mainly depends on the material and arch design of the shoes.


Maintenance and Cleaning Methods of Soccer Shoes

May 24,2022

When you choose a sneaker, you also decide your attitude towards its cleaning. No one will wash cloth sneakers every day, and certainly no one will throw sharkskin or kangaroo leather sneakers into the washing machine and stir them directly.


FAQ about Buying Women's Sandals

May 10,2022

The main points of purchase are only for the general direction. There are many other small details or problems to be solved in the purchase of sandals. The following will list and explain the common problems.


A Comprehensive Introduction to Football Boots

April 19,2022

When it comes to football, we have to say football shoes. As the world's No. 1 sport, football shoes are the most important equipment. And how much do you know about football boots?


How To Clean And Maintain Your Sneaker Shoes?

April 07,2022

TENFEET is a shoes manufacturer, whose shoes have quality guarantee.


How to Choose the Right Sneakers for Youself?

March 22,2022

For young people, sneakers are very popular footwear. After all, they are freer to wear and stylish and beautiful, whether it is leisure or sports, they can be easily competent. Of course, in today's market with a wide variety of styles and styles, choosing the right sneaker for you is key. Only by choosing the right sneakers can you be more comfortable in your daily leisure and running workouts, while avoiding foot injuries.


Discussion On The Classifications Of Shoes

March 10,2022

There are many types of shoes. But do you know what are they? Let’s talk in this paper.


How to Maintain Different Materials of Football Shoes

February 22,2022

As we all know, for football lovers, they all have special football shoes. But, do you know why there are nails under football boots? Let's explore it together.