Do You Know the Types of Men's Boots?

October 10,2022

Men's boots were first worn by Mongolian nomads. Then gradually became part of the uniform of the army and riders, especially the martial arts. Fast forward to the twenties and thirties of the last century. Men's boots are a symbol of the wild northwest. Cowboys "die with your boots on".


Since then, boots have become popular all over the world as idol pieces, especially for men who play punk and rock and use all kinds of leather boots as modeling standards.




Types of men's boots


Chelsea Boots


One of the most recognizable boots is the Chelsea boot with a round and pointed top and elastic belt design. Easy on and off is the initial attribute of Chelsea boots. This pair of boots was originally invented by the shoemaker of Queen Victoria and gradually became popular in rainy Britain because of the Queen's love.


As the Beatles' "group pet", Chelsea boots were successfully exported as a popular symbol in the 1960s.


Brochure Boots


Lace-up boots were the derivatives of formal shoes at first, which gave the originally light leather shoes a high upper. It is said that the first man to wear lace-up boots was the 17th-century fashion inventor Prince Albert. At that time, he wanted a pair of shoes that could walk freely in his Scottish territory and keep cool indoors - the lace-up boots with orthodox genes were born.


Desert Boots


The earliest polo tradition of British soldiers left a kind of "Chukka" boots with three pairs of lace holes in India. This pair of suede boots also became popular because the Duke of Windsor wore them in the United States.


Later, during World War II, the British army combined the material of "Chukka" boots, the shoelace system of derby shoes, and the super hard rubber soles to make desert boots suitable for walking in the desert.


Desert boots show their leisure properties when suede is popular today. Whether they are paired with khaki pants, jeans, or sweatpants, the superposition of these fabrics makes the overall look more textured.


Combat Boots


The 19th century witnessed the birth of a new generation of military short boots, which are slightly different from the previous generation: the middle strap and the ankle is wrapped by two separate pieces of leather. But when it comes to military boots, the image of "Martin boots" will emerge before our eyes. Martin boots are not only the prototype of real combat boots but also the rock star in boots.


Because it is waterproof, anti-skid, and durable, Dr. Martens' "seven holes" boots with air cushion were once the working shoes of the British working class in the 1950s and 1960s, which also made the "Martin boots" become the popular national shoes for a long time, which can be said to be the British version of the "PLA shoes".


And Pete Townshend, the guitarist of the British rock band The Who, wore "Martin Boots" to perform on the stage, which promoted Martin Boots to be the rebellious symbol used by young people to fight against authority at that time and also became an important representative of British Mod culture.


Today, you can see military boots represented by Martin boots all over the world. The super thick waterproof platform also makes these boots particularly easy to wear in winter.