How to Choose Hiking Shoes, 5 Principles to Keep in Mind!

July 19,2022

Mountaineering shoes are one of the most important outdoor equipment. Before buying them, we need to know what functions mountaineering shoes have.


What should be paid attention to when a novice buys hiking shoes?


hiking shoes


High or low principle


If you are not familiar with the outdoor terrain you want to go to, buy shoes that should be high or low, and prefer a higher grade series.


If you can't make up your mind about the Hiking Series and the crossing series, you should cross the Wild shoes. At best, it feels heavier to wear, but it can better protect your feet because, in terms of impact resistance or support, high-end outdoor shoes will always give better protection to your feet.


Shoes size larger than half


In daily life, the shoe size should always be just right, but mountaineering shoes are different. There should be room, that is, the shoe size should be larger than half.


Simply put: This is because the feet will swell during long-distance walking. If the shoes are just right, the feet will feel tight after expansion, which is not conducive to the relaxation of the feet. Moreover, complex terrain has uphill and downhill. When people go downhill, the pressure of the human body's center of gravity and the reaction force of the ground often make their feet rush forward, and the right shoes will press on their toes. Over time, their toes will be very painful and even injured. For shoes with a larger size or a half size, the heel will be close to the rear after tying the laces, and there will be a little room in the front end, so that the foot will reduce squeezing in the forward rush process, thereby reducing the damage to the toes.


Reminder: when choosing matching outdoor socks, you should choose slightly thicker cotton socks to fill the gap between shoes and feet, which can effectively prevent blisters from being worn out by your feet, and cotton socks can help absorb sweat and moisture. As for the standard of shoe width, it is better not to be tight or loose, because no matter which series, there will be looseness after wearing for some time, so there is no need to leave the room.


When traveling for a long time, focus on waterproof shoes


In the wild, especially in the alpine environment, the weather is always unpredictable. At this time, we should think more about climate change, choose a pair of waterproof hiking shoes, preferably with waterproof lining, and prepare several pairs of sweat-wicking socks, which can be used together to have the best effect.


Pay attention to the skid resistance of mountaineering shoes


Antiskid is one of the basic characteristics of outdoor shoes, and it is also an important index to check the performance of a pair of shoes. Good antiskid is more conducive to the stability of walking, to reduce injury.


To solve the problem of anti-skid soles, shoe manufacturers have made many articles on patterns and rubber surfaces, so that outdoor shoes have better anti-skid performance. The antiskid property of the sole will decline after a period of wear, especially on wet and hard ground. Rubber with high density often affects the antiskid property, but it is not affected on dry ground.


The principle of running in before traveling


The key to the strong support of outdoor shoes is that the soles are hard and the uppers are tight and firm so that the foot support can be enhanced when loading. However, this relatively strong design structure often can't adapt immediately when the new shoes are just put on the feet, and there needs to be an adaptation period. Therefore, after buying the new shoes, it's best to run them in on the feet for a week before going on a formal trip, and then change them when you feel no discomfort.


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