How to Get Rid of the Stink of Sneakers

August 18,2022

Men's sneakers can easily become smelly, especially in the hot summer months. So what's wrong with them that stink all year round? How do you clean your shoes when they get stinky? How to prevent them from becoming smelly? The following content may give you some answers.




How do sneakers stink?


Sneakers become stinky because our feet like to sweat. If it is in the developmental period, sweat glands secretion is very normal, so this also long leads to easy to stink feet. And the breathability of sneakers is not very good, and more muffled feet. So as soon as you take off your shoes you can immediately smell a special smell. Therefore, try to wear socks that can absorb sweat.


How to remove the smell of sneakers?


If your sneakers are smelly, clean them first. Then deodorize them by the following methods. The specific methods are as follows.


Sanitary balls


Crush a few sanitary balls into powder and sprinkle them inside the cleaned shoes. Put insoles on top of them to remove the odor.


Activated charcoal


Put the shoes in the shoe cabinet when you are not wearing them, and then put some activated charcoal into the shoe cabinet. We know that activated carbon can adsorb all substances except air, including odor molecules, yo.


Tea leaves


Dried tea leaves (soaked can also be) into the sneakers, can remove the odor. This is because tea can absorb odor emitting air. It also has the effect of cleaning, disinfecting, and evaporating odor.




You can buy some deodorant in the market and spray it into the shoes to relieve the odor.




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