Something You Should Know about Yeezy Shoes

September 19,2022

The main feature of Yeezy shoes is a woven upper with a foam midsole, and the outsole is a translucent elastic rubber with a simple frame.


Yeezy shoes are very unique shoes, using Primeknit technology plus a unique gray and black woven upper, Boost outsole. Its midsole is decorated with a black leather half circle, and the heel is matched with canvas Pull loop made of material.




Are Yeezy shoes good for running?


These shoes are not suitable for running and are best for shopping.


If you are just jogging, the pace is not high, no more than 10 kilometers, this shoes are barely competent. If the pace is slightly higher and the running frequency is slightly higher, this shoes are completely incompetent.


How do you feel on your feet?




The boost visible to the naked eye, and the boost technology that you can really feel when your feet are on the ground, is very suitable for leisure walks. However, you have to buy a size larger, otherwise, it will not be comfortable to wrap your feet tightly. In short, Yeezy is a casual sneaker with better foot feel.




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