The Importance of Professional Running Shoes

October 10,2022

Why do you need to choose professional running shoes? Is it really necessary? Let's talk about it together.




Why do you need professional running shoes?


First of all, the midsole of the shoes you usually wear does not have enough protection. It is easy to cause sagging feet. At the same time, its technology and materials cannot be the same as professional running shoes.


Professional sneakers use special shock-absorbing materials to strengthen the stability of the foot. populations offer different protective properties.


And it is difficult for us to run like professional runners, so we need professional running shoes to help protect us from injury.


For runners with valgus, excessive internal rotation is easy to feel tired and sore feet when walking or running normally. Therefore, the material of the inner heel of the shoe will be relatively hard to prevent excessive internal rotation of the ankle when landing.


And no matter how slow you usually run, it will cause 3-4 times more impact on the knee than body weight. This makes the knee joint very vulnerable. And the shock absorption technology used in professional running shoes effectively reduces the impact on the knee.


Secondly, there are many sports injuries caused by different weights. At this time, running shoes have played a big role in these aspects. Lightweight, entry-level cushioned shoes are fine.


The body of the heavy runner is the most feedback, so it is more necessary to choose professional cushioning top cushioning support to protect the shoes.


The most important thing is that the running experience brought by the sneakers is far less comfortable than a pair of professional one. So if you are just starting to run and regular runners, choosing a pair of professional shoes is a better choice.


Put on professional shoes, maybe you don't know if they are protecting your feet at first. But the most intuitive feeling is that you feel light and comfortable to wear. After running, the feet will not hurt, so it is easier to run down.




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