Three Different Materials of Slippers

November 03,2022

Slippers are loved by more and more people because of their convenient design, such as fluffy slippers. Today, we will introduce you to five common slipper materials. Keep reading.




Plastic slippers


Plastic slippers are a family necessity, especially when taking a shower. Plastic slippers do not store water, dry quickly, and have the characteristics of skid resistance, which can better protect the feet. Plastic slippers are essential in swimming pools, hot springs and even beaches.


Pros and cons: light and waterproof, easy to clean; But it is impermeable, and inferior products are easy to damage the skin.


Buying suggestions: The simplest way to choose plastic slippers is to smell them directly. It is better not to choose slippers with pungent smell. In addition, plastic slippers with soft soles are more comfortable, and non slip soles also help ensure safety.


Rubber slippers


The soles of rubber slippers are made of rubber. As a natural material, rubber has the function of environmental protection. In addition, natural rubber is very soft, elastic and comfortable to wear. It is not only limited to indoor wear, but also fashionable rubber slippers can be worn when going out everyday to create a casual style.


Pros and cons: anti-skid, soft, waterproof, and the sole is not easy to break; But it is not wear-resistant.


Buying suggestions: rubber slippers include natural rubber materials and synthetic rubber materials. For a comfortable and soft wearing experience, you can choose natural rubber slippers. The synthetic rubber material has stronger wear resistance and is suitable for people who often go out.


Cotton fluffy slippers


In cold winter, thick and warm cotton slippers are soft and comfortable to wear, and have become one of the essential warm keeping items in winter home. As cotton slippers are not waterproof, you should pay special attention to wearing them. In addition, cotton slippers should not be worn with family members to avoid bacterial infection.


Pros and cons: warm and soft; But it is not waterproof and easily stink.


Buying suggestions: good cotton slippers, no pungent smell; The design is beautiful and three-dimensional; High quality cotton slippers with thick upper and folded soles will not show white marks. These cotton slippers are more durable and warmer to wear.




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