Types of Football Shoes

July 06,2022

There are many kinds of football fields, such as natural grassland, artificial grassland, indoor five-person football floor, etc. Different shoes are suitable for different venues.


football shoes


SG (soft ground): suitable for natural soft or rainy grass. Generally speaking, it is a shoe used by professional players. Removable metal nails or mixed plastic nails are used as cleats.


FG (firm ground): suitable for natural hard grass. Plastic spikes are used at the outsole, with a strong grip.


Hg (hard ground): suitable for dry and hard grass, similar to FG, but with shorter cleats.


AG (artistic grass): suitable for artificial grassland, with more and shorter sole studs.


TF (turf trainer): the sole is granular and has broken nails, which is suitable for artificial short grass.


In (Interior): for indoor football shoes, the sole is made of a rubber outsole to maintain traction because of sports on flat ground.


Soccer Boots


The sole is made of plastic spikes, which are suitable for use on natural grass. Because the cleats are long, you can effectively grasp the ground on the grass, so that you are not easy to fall.


It is designed for natural grassland and cannot be used in artificial grassland or indoor venues.


Football spiked shoes


The sole is short spikes, with a large number of spikes and fragments, which are called broken spikes. It is suitable for short grass artificial grassland, and can also be used on gravel or asphalt ground.


Football flats


Designed for indoor fields and five-a-side football, the sole is made of a rubber outsole to provide sufficient traction.


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