Why You Should Change Your Slippers Every Two Months

September 02,2022

Slippers are a necessity in everyone's home, so it's essential to change them from time to time. Here's why: they stink.




Why do slippers stink so much?


Stinky feet have to do with personal habits and the shoes themselves: 


  1. The accumulation of sebaceous secretions on the bottom of the feet and the shedding of leather on the bottom of the feet can cause the shoe bed to become black and smelly


  1. Slippers often get wet, bacteria can easily grow like crazy. If you do not pay attention to cleaning, it will be more serious


  1. There are some poor quality products on the market that are made entirely from waste, which is equivalent to rubbish and will of course stink.


Based on the above reasons, what kind of material can you choose to alleviate the problem of changing shoes so often?


How to choose slippers?


  1. The odor of the slipper material in order from small to large: PU (also called polyurethane, cowhide)


  1. Try to pick a wide and shallow non-slip pattern on the bottom of the shoe. It is easy to clean. Don't buy the ones with many and deep grains. Because it tends to accumulate dirt and produce bacteria fermentation and stink, and it is not easy to clean.


  1. Choose shoes that have a biting pattern or a bumpy feel when they come into contact with the skin. The purpose is to allow a breathable gap between the foot and the shoe to facilitate air circulation. Otherwise, it is easy to sweat and make a sound, and also easy to produce fungal odor due to long-term sweat stains


  1. Avoid choosing shoes with cut-outs or with holes in the sole. They tend to absorb water and retain residue, which makes bacteria grow like crazy and therefore more likely to stink.




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